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What about that Weather???

Hello loyal club members and a hearty welcome back to Sylvie's Place as we are set to start the year off right!

I hope that you've had a lovely, restful and healthy January... keeping the cold and flu bugs at bay... and that you are ready for some HOT JAZZ to chase away any winter blues.

For your listening pleasure, Sylvie's Place proudly presents The New Orleans Jazz Bandits. The Bandits have been around for some time, originally led by Colin Kingwell.

Personnel include: Ron Rumbol, tnr sax & clt; Allen Beechey, tpt; Rob Pearce, tmb; Tim Wake, bjo; Peter Brooks, bass and Malc 'Am I Borin' You?' Murphy on drums. Trust me folks, the last thing this band is is BORING!

So get yourselves ready for a great night of New Orleans style jazz played exactly as it should be. I look forward to seeing you all and renewing friendships.

By the way, the weatherman has promised me that it will by 8° with scattered showers!! See you then.



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