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Sylvie's Place proudly presents The Harlem Meer Cats

Well the days are getting shorter and there is a definite chill in the evening air so what better way to counter that than with a night of hot jazz with the Harlem Meer Cats.

"Formed in 2015, the Meer Cats is made up of 6 of the finest early jazz specialists in London, playing the music of Duke Ellington's bands of the late 1920s and early 1930s. Much of what we play is in the famous "JUNGLE STYLE", with growling trumpet and trombone, haunting clarinet, swooping sax and african drum rhythms, however there is much in our repertoire for the swing dancers.

All our music has been arranged for 6-piece line up by Ned Bennett. With each piece, he transcribes the essence of the original recording, and distills it down to fit our streamlined 6-piece line up. All the melodies, harmonies and rhythms are carefully replicated; it's just that our musicians have to do the job of two in the Duke Ellington band!"

The band's personnel include Ned Bennett, reeds; Jerome Davies, bass; Jeff Williams, trombone; Chris Nickolls, drums; Ben Cummings, trumpet and Colin Good, piano.

Be prepared for a wonderful evening, and who knows... Sylvie's Place might just be transported through time to become New York's infamous Cotton Club!

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