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Hello Summer

I hope everyone is well and ready for a wonderful summer. As I told you at the last club evening, I won't be with you on the 4th of July because I will be visiting my family in Canada.

But, the show will be going on with a Sylvie's Place favourite, The Gresty White Ragtimers. Formed in the 80s as a means of paying tribute to the great Muggsy Spanier, the band continues today to be a perennial favourite. They have made several recordings over the years and have played at clubs and festivals all over the UK, Europe and the USA.

Sylvie's Place is pleased to once again host an evening of hot jazz played by a group of superlative musicians. The personnel include Alan Gresty (cnt), Brian White (clt), Geoff Cole (tmb), Goff Dubber (tnr sax, clt), Colin Bray (pno), John Arthy (bass) and John Elmer (dms).

I know they will receive a warm welcome at the club and it will be a wonderful evening. Take care and have a great summer. Don't forget that we are taking a break in August.

See you in September. I think that's a tune title!!

Bye for now.

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