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Another Club Date Cancelled

Hello Lovely Club Members,

We hope this finds you safe and well and following the rules of social distancing, and self isolation, if needs be.

The Government's reopening strategy states that places where large gatherings take place i.e. jazz clubs, are in Phase 3 of the plan which is slated to start from 09 July forward, so that effectively puts paid to our June and July club dates. The plan also states that we must follow public health advice.

As you are all aware, the practice of social distancing in a popular club is virtually impossible and it is understandable that people would be reticent to put themselves in any form of threat, real or perceived.

Following the guidelines set for us, our plan is to re-open Sylvie's Place for the 02 September club date featuring Doc Houlind's Revival Jazz Band. We will keep you posted if this isn't possible.

Our sincere condolences to any of you who have lost loved ones during this dreadful time and our thoughts are with those who have fallen ill and are recovering.

Please stay safe and well and we look forward to seeing you in September.

With warmest regards,

Heather & Peter Lay


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